Withdrawals from 401Ks

Changes for Inherited IRAs?

Relationships and finances confuse you enough already. Then your spouse dies. During a hurricane of emotions you must make tough decisions about such money matters as individual retirement accounts – amid ever-changing rules about money available to you from a spouse’s IRA. By this summer, the rules might change completely.

IRA Withdrawals in Your 60s

Everybody chimes in on what you can and cannot withdraw from your individual retirement account before you reach age 59½ or on what you must or must not do with your IRA after you reached 70½. What do you do in the interim? You actually have all the control. Here’s why.

How to Take IRA Withdrawals

Are you about to turn 70? Six months after your birthday, the law requires you to start tapping your tax-deferred retirement accounts. The rules surrounding a withdrawal are complicated and fraught with tax peril. Here’s how to navigate them.

Note that you have until Dec. 31 of each tax year to take these withdrawals, called required minimum distributions (RMDs). That date is coming right up.

Save a Little to Save a Lot

We Americans do a bad job as savers. You can take small steps to increase your savings right away, and here’s how to start.

Coping: IRA Withdrawal Rules

The rules about when you must take out money from your individual retirement account and other such vehicles are vexing. Mess this up, and you owe a penalty. Here’s what anyone nearing age 70 must know.

Bridging Retirement Gaps

Estimating the retirement income that you need is not easy. Very often, our assumptions about how much we must save or can safely withdraw are off. Even millionaires can have trouble retiring comfortably.

Mental Retirement Prep

Getting ready for retirement involves more than just calculating how much you will need and the rate you can draw down your savings. The year before you retire is a crucial time to prepare both financially and psychologically.

Often, I feel that many retirees underestimate their expenses, get bored without a daily grind and panic over market corrections.

Here are a few exercises that you can take during that last year of working life to get ready for the reality of retirement.

4% Retiree Withdrawal: Safe?

How much can you withdraw annually in retirement and stay solvent? The longtime standard answer is 4%. But 3% may be more prudent if stocks and bonds continue offering low returns into the future.

Find a Safe Withdrawal Rate

How much can you withdraw annually from your investment portfolio to be sure you don't outlive your money? Here are three tips to get you through retirement financially.

Don’t get bogged down worrying about exogenous issues like inflation rates, historical investment rates of return and life expectancy projections. Instead, focus more on the things that you can control like living within your means, how much you pay in taxes and taking appropriate risk for your situation.

Do I Have Enough to Retire?

The most important retirement planning task for your last working year is calculating where your income comes from when you retire. This probably seems completely obvious, but it usually isn’t. Your portfolio needs to yield more every year to keep up with inflation.


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