Bullish: Stocks’ Jagged Rise

The second quarter of 2014 is in the books, and goes down as another positive period for the U.S.

Getting the Most From a 401(k)

The 401(k) retirement plan, which your employer sponsors, is now ubiquitous in U.S. workplaces, with 51 million people signed up. But too few investors understand these vehicles. Here is an owners’ manual, vital for your financial well-being.

Low Wages Keep Rates Low

Don’t rush to get rid of bonds yet. Rising interest rates, which harm bond prices, are not in the offing. Despite good news on jobless figures, the Federal Reserve’s concerns about wages may keep rates low for longer than markets expect.

Finding Long-Term Stocks

A constant mantra in the investment world is that it pays to own good stocks for the long term. The question is: How do you find these long-term winners? This is very difficult, as the most recent quarter illustrates. Let’s examine the field.

Gen Y Folly: Not Investing

Coming of age and entering the workforce in the wake of a financial crisis, our younger generation became skeptical about investing. But the fact is, millennials need to invest as the stock market is one of the best ways to grow wealth long term.

Retire Early? 14 Snags (Pt. 2)

Retiring before age 65 remains the dream of many Americans. Our first article looked at your personal obstacles to early retirement, such as how you save. Here are more potential roadblocks to starting your golden years ahead of time.

U.S. Housing Bulwark: Abroad

Foreign buyers are increasing their purchases of U.S. real estate. That may cause some unease, but it's a good development. While our housing markets are improving, the boost from elsewhere is vital.

Investors: 6 Nations Beat U.S.

There are six countries that are better investments than the U.S., despite its strong stock market now. Why? We have too many regulations and taxes that limit America’s economic, hence stock market, growth.

Are Emerging Markets Over?

Temporary growth slow-downs suggest that to some that emerging markets are on the wane for good. If you believe that often-heard shibboleth, you are robbing yourself of terrific investment gains ahead.

We keep hearing that emerging economies – mainly, China and India– are so wobbly that the slightest unexpected revelation could irreparably cripple them. Such fears are groundless for these fast-growing nations.

Rules for a Roth 401(k)

If your employer sponsors a 401(k) plan for you to participate in, you may also have a Roth 401(k) option. Electing that option depends on your other retirement plans, tax outlook and many other factors.


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