Debt Problems

The Debt Burden Worsens

Enormous debt, which plunged us into the Great Recession, is still a problem. After some efforts to whittle it down, the nation’s debt load is swelling again – on the federal, state and local government, household and corporate levels. No one seems willing to fix the problem.

Couples’ Money Talk Tips

Money discussions can destroy your relationship, particularly if you put those talks off too long. You and your partner need to get on the same page and talk honestly – and regularly – about finances.

Millennials’ Credit Scores

Your credit score ranks as one of the most important numbers in your young adult life. Here’s what to know as you build one.

This three-digit number acts as your financial report card, representing your creditworthiness and an indication to potential lenders of the likelihood that you pay debts on time. If you’re a millennial, born in the 1980s and early 1990s, you must start building this indispensable tool of financial adulthood.

IRS Payment Fees Rise

Costs of doing business with the Internal Revenue Service recently rose for those needing special arrangements to pay taxes. Here’s what to know.

If you can’t pay your federal individual income taxes by the deadline of Tuesday, April 15, you may be able to set up special payment plans with the IRS. Some fees rose significantly.

Dunning the Middle Class

The middle class has two problems: It is shrinking, and it’s on the hook to pay for our nation’s enormous liabilities.

With all of the talk in Washington about equality, you have to wonder how the gap between rich and poor widened to the point where many question the future survival of the middle class.

Some have, indeed, made the transition from middle class to upper class, and are enjoying a more comfortable lifestyle. They may not be part of the 1%, but they’ve broken away from the middle.

Money Lessons for Your 20s

Your third decade brings accepting yourself and learning how to stand up for yourself – and more pragmatic, financial lessons. Here are a few.

Getting a grip on your money comes hard when you start out. The sooner you start figuring out your finances, the better. Here are 10 money Lessons I learned in my 20s.

How to Reduce Your Debt

You sink in debt, the holiday bills are now overdue and there seems no way to resurface financially. Time to get control of your debt.

How Fit Are Your Finances?

If mention of your 2014 financial resolutions now makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Here’s how to get back on track, akin to improving your physical health.

It’s still plenty early for you to turn your good financial intentions into actionable steps and repeatable systems. All behavior change – weight loss, positive attitudes, money management, among others – involves creating new, healthier thinking step-by-step.

Tracking Your Credit Report

February is for romance, roses and chocolate. Let February also be when you review your free annual credit reports. Here’s how.

First, reviewing your credit reports helps nip identity theft in the bud. The recent large-scale theft of credit card information at retail giant Target reminds us of the pervasive problem of identity theft.

Peer-to-Peer Lending How-To

Peer-to-peer lending (P2P), an online exchange where you lend money to others, can snag you a healthy return as an investor. The attraction if you are a borrower is that P2P can also help you escape high-interest debt.


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