Proposed Budget’s IRA Impact

The proposed U.S. 2015 budget contains, predictably from President Barack Obama, tax breaks for working families and curtained breaks for the rich. The nearly $4 trillion budget proposal also seeks potential changes, good and bad, to your individual retirement accounts.

Changes for Inherited IRAs?

Relationships and finances confuse you enough already. Then your spouse dies. During a hurricane of emotions you must make tough decisions about such money matters as individual retirement accounts – amid ever-changing rules about money available to you from a spouse’s IRA. By this summer, the rules might change completely.

Tax-Efficient Investing (Pt.2)

Investing in the market to save for your future can come with a government price tag these days. In our first article we looked at strategies to get the most out of your money without tripping into higher tax brackets. Here are sneaky add-ons that can run up your tax bill.

IRA or 401(k): Which Is Better?

Which is the better choice for retirement saving, an IRA or a 401(k)? A lot of people don’t appreciate the differences between the two, which go beyond where they are available – the 401(k) is workplace-based. You can put more money into a 401(k), but typically have more investment choices with an IRA.

Either an individual retirement account or a 401(k) plan is a great place to start investing for retirement. They are more alike than different, and which one to choose depends on your particular circumstances. Here are some of the basics you need to know.

401(k) Education Helps Profits

Your employees probably don’t make best use of your company’s retirement plan. Addressing this problem can boost their job performance and optimism – as well as your profits.

What if you offer your current and future employees the possibility of a 250% larger retirement account? Such a move makes your firm a lot more attractive and your cost of losing talented people to your competitors drops dramatically.

Upgrading Forgotten 401(k)s

Do you have a retirement plan languishing, forgotten, at an old employer? Often, those accounts suffer from neglect and need to be updated.

At our firm, we see many such old 401(k), 403(b) and other such accounts at previous employers that clients have not reviewed or rebalanced since they switched jobs years ago.

Lagging Returns? It’s Your Fault

Why does the average stock investor do worse than the market? Because he or she buys and sells at the wrong time, often reacting to news events. In other words, it’s the investor’s own fault, not that of mysterious financial forces.

We have a hard time believing that our own actions could be the cause of our investments performing lower than the overall market. I was investing my own 401(k) assets while working at Chase Manhattan Bank in early 1991. The news of the day was the U.S. imminent attack on Iraqi forces, which had invaded Kuwait.

How to Maximize Retirement $

Your quality of life in your last years depends on your retirement savings, such as your 401(k). Such plans give you the best means to bringing you the wealth you will need. But many investors haven’t a clue how to navigate them.

Your 401(k) or other retirement plan from your employer is your most valuable retirement savings resource – if not your only one. To make use of these tax- advantaged plans to save for your golden years:

Lessons of the Winter Selloff

After a scorching 2013, the stock market had a nasty winter surprise. The Standard & Poor’s 500 took a dive starting in mid-January. Some investors panicked. They shouldn’t have. The temporary slide teaches us that, even in the best years for stocks, downdrafts occur. This is good to keep in mind going forward.

How to Do a 401(k) Rollover

You left your job and have to figure out what to do with your 401(k). A hasty rollover decision is not going to help in the long run. There is a lot of competition among big Wall Street firms to get you to roll over your account to them. 

But first, take your time. These are your hard-earned savings we’re talking about.  This is a good time evaluate your overall retirement strategy and perhaps enlist the help of an advisor you can trust.


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