AdviceIQ’s Exacting Journalistic Standards

AdviceIQ is a crucible of high-end personal finance journalism. Tapping the brilliance of some of the most knowledgeable financial advisors in the land, we write outside-the-box articles that help people manage their personal wealth.

By turns illuminating and entertaining, advisors in our network write roughly 80% of our content. Readers benefits because our writers come armed with provocative opinions, piercing insights and deep financial backgrounds. Like all AdviceIQ advisors, they have no regulatory infractions; we vet all prospective members of our network with every regulatory body in the U.S., at the national and state levels. (Geographically targeted rankings of advisors are paired with each article.) Our staff writes the other 20% of our articles, drawing upon advisors’ expertise.

AdviceIQ also is a bastion of independent, consumer-focused journalism that addresses how to deal with advisors. We are the reader’s advocate. We explain how to find the right advisor for you, what the advisor should charge, the differences among the various types of advisors, what to expect from one, when to drop your advisor.

Our editor-in-chief is Larry Light, who previously edited personal finance for the Wall Street Journal. Before that, he was senior editor for money and investing at Forbes magazine and a reporter for Business Week, covering corporate finance and other financial topics. At Forbes, Larry edited columns by such luminaries as Ken Fisher, Jim Grant and Laszlo Birinyi. Larry ensures that our articles meet the journalistic standards of the Journal and other top-flight outlets.

We run articles that are well-written, informative and helpful. We add value by giving the reader ideas that aren’t run-of-the-mill. Some examples:

  • How to make your own improved target-date fund by replacing funds the sponsors use with better ones.
  • What exactly are the upfront tax liabilities for Roth conversions, for different life stages: young investor, middle-aged, retired?
  • Forget costly annuities. Here’s how to build one by yourself.


We write about the whole panoply of personal finance, ranging over investing, retirement planning, college funding, elder care, trusts and estates, insurance, taxes and a myriad of other subjects. We delve deeply into special needs of people from various occupations (senior executives, doctors, educators, attorneys, etc.) and stages of life (such as newlyweds, widows, high-income people and new retirees).

Our journalism appeals to all levels of financial acumen, the sophisticates as well as the beginners – and, we expect, will enrich everyone who reads it, both intellectually and monetarily.