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  • Business Succession: A How-To

    Most business owners agree they must plan to pass on their business. Most business owners also admit they have no such plan. How to make sure you do have such a plan?

    According to Manufacturing & Technology eJournal, “An estimated $6 trillion of personal wealth will be transferred over the next 10 years consisting primarily of privatively held or family owned businesses. Once the founder is gone too often the family business gets squandered away.”

  • Challenging Your Business Plan

    The first step to starting a business is to make a good plan. The second step is to get other people to challenge it. Only then can you know its shortcomings, and make corrections.

    Recently at my firm, we cleaned out an old storage room. That brought up forgotten memories and emotions. Our team found pictures from the very beginning of my career in the financial services industry.

  • Fear: Biggest Threat to a Plan

    The only thing your goals, life and financial plan have to fear is fear itself. Here’s how to keep your perspective.

    Steve Jobs, founder and brains behind Apple (AAPL) endured a long battle with pancreatic cancer. The following is a Steve Jobs quote toward the end:

  • How to Use Obamacare

    The news coverage about Obamacare focuses on the political fight surrounding it. But for you, the most important thing is to understand it and see how, or if, the new health-care law applies to your life.

    The opening date was Oct. 1. Competition is lined up for bronze, silver, gold and even platinum. These competitors aren't athletes, but insurance providers. The field they are entering is the new health insurance exchanges that Obamacare mandates.

  • Handling an IRS Notice

    There’s death and taxes – then there’s the death-like chill when you get a tax notice from the Internal Revenue Service. Here’s how to keep your head.

    Each year, the IRS sends innumerable notices to taxpayers for various reasons. Your first instinct might be panic, but take a minute and relax. Many notices involve small, easily resolved issues such as additional documentation or a miscalculation.

    If you receive an IRS notice:

  • Investing’s Goal: Ownership

    Many people invest out of habit or because everyone they know plays the market. You should invest for other reasons, and here’s one of the biggest.

    Many people also believe the rich inherit fortunes and then sit idle while their stocks make them richer. When you work long hours, you jealously wonder, “Do investors even deserve to make money?”

    Let’s first define ownership as a set of rights. You own something and you decide what to do with it. Only your duty to respect others’ autonomy limits your dominion and authority.

  • You Had a Baby. Now What?

    Becoming a parent is a wonderfully emotional event. But never lose sight of this: In addition to love and care, you need to provide your new offspring with legal and financial support if you die.

    We brought our first-born child home from the hospital on a blustery February day. Carrying our son upstairs, we placed him in the middle of the master bedroom bed. My wife and I stared with fascination at our wide-eyed and totally helpless little human being. The same thought struck us both. Now what? Ahhh ... we’ll take pictures!

  • Buy and Hold, or Trade?

    Some investors regularly trade their holdings; some invest and leave their portfolios alone. How much to tinker after you build a portfolio is an age-old question. The answer: Find a balance between the two strategies.

  • The Do-It-Yourself Mistake

    We all like to think we’re smart and self-sufficient. A lot of folks believe they can manage their financial lives by themselves. These do-it-yourselfers are woefully wrong.

    AdviceIQ is about giving the world the wisdom of smart, honest (none can have any regulatory infractions) advisors. Are we blindly pro-advisor? No, we are clear-eyed about being pro-good advisor. Everyone, even the financial cognoscenti, should have such a helper to sort out life’s perplexities.

  • Umbrella Liability Not for All

    Why doesn’t anyone ever tell you not to buy an umbrella liability policy? It seems like additional overall security for pennies. You can waste even pennies paying for something you don’t need or already have – especially in the tricky world of insurance. Let’s run some numbers and see if this kind of policy protects you.


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