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  • Big Finance, Big Gender Gap

    From the small home to the halls of Congress and canyons of Wall Street, women face a daunting gap in financial ability and power.

  • How to Get Diversified

    How do you ensure proper asset diversification? As financial advisors, we face this question all the time.

    The first hurdle is to get clients to tell us about all their holdings. It is rare that we get to review the whole picture at one time. Most do not provide complete information or comprehensive records. It’s not because they do not want to, but because they often do not know or have not kept organized records.

  • September: Cruelest Month

    T.S. Eliot was wrong about April being the cruelest month. For investors, it’s September.

    It’s bad enough that September marks the end of summer, shorter days, cooler weather, the beginning of school and, for those of us who live in the Boston area, the almost annual Red Sox meltdown. It’s also the worst month, by far, for stock market performance.

  • Planning in Your 30s and 40s

    Your 30s and 40s are when you lay the groundwork for your retirement. As far-off as that may seem, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to start preparing now.

    Many of the calls that I receive are from folks in their 50s or 60s who are either within sight of retirement or already retired. Many of these callers are pretty well-prepared for retirement and seek my help to fine-tune their situation, or to help them through this next phase of life.

  • Partners’ Financial Frustrations

    A specific financial trait in their partner often frustrates clients, I’ve found. Lately I’ve been saying something different to these clients, something I hope both useful and true.

    When you find yourself frustrated with something your partner does, you need to:

    1. Believe they could act differently, and

    2. Talk to them like an adult about what’s bothering you.

    Two points deceptively simple but challenging to implement in real life. Yet these pointers give you a chance for progress and change in either your personal or your business partnerships.

  • Why Diversify?

    Nothing wrong with all your eggs, or holdings, in one basket. Unless, of course, the basket breaks. Remember Enron?

    More than a decade ago, the infamous one-time energy powerhouse saw its empire crumble and the retirement savings of many of its employees evaporate. Why? Many of Enron’s employees had their 401(k) savings in Enron stock, a classic, tragic example of eggs in one basket and zero diversification.

  • There’s a Place for Active Funds

    Using index funds to track broad groups of investments, known as passive investing, is very smart. It can also be smart to allocate perhaps a fifth of your portfolio to active managed funds, at least those with a penchant for beating the market.

  • Discovery Starts Your Planning

    Financial planning intimidates people. In its early stages, they don’t know what to expect, what to answer and what they’ll have to divulge to create a realistic plan. In this first article on the planning process, let me remove the fear and talk about how we begin work with our clients.

    (This is the first of four articles about what you can expect from the process of financial planning.)

  • Is This the Time to Invest?

    Today’s market may not be the greatest opportunity ever. Maybe not even the greatest investment opportunity you will ever have – but it is a decent time and place to put your money to work.

  • Wrong Ideas on Saving

    Odds are you’re probably doing it wrong when it comes to saving. You save too much or you save too little. Here is how to strike a good balance.


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