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  • How to Build a Workplace Team

    Workplaces centered on teams are more important than ever. For those building businesses, it pays to recognize this often-overlooked truth.

    We are in an era of virtual offices, changing job structures, job sharing and other forms of personal flexibility. This doesn’t mean that teams are a thing of the past. Businesses are likely to continue to find ways to use team contributions. Not using teams may leave companies less competitive.

  • Stocks Rally, Job Growth Lags

    The stock market is on a tear, despite recent wobbles over Cyprus’s banking woes. Though a big equity index rose past its pre-financial crisis high, don’t take that to mean that we are out of trouble. Unemployment is still stubbornly high – and that can’t be good news for investors, long-term.

  • Annuities: Buyer Beware

    Annuities, insurance contracts that pays a steady stream of income, are often sold to people that don’t need them. The more complex ones are the worst.

  • Safeguards Against I.D. Theft

    Someone just stole your name, your Social Security number, your credit card information. They ran up a big bill. What do you do? And how do you avoid it in the first place?

  • ETFs Are Good, ETNs Aren’t

    Exchange-traded funds are often-unsung investments have many virtues, particularly tax efficiency and focus on market indexes, thus avoiding shoot-the-moon trading tactics. Alas, investors often confuse ETFs with things called exchange-traded notes, which carry too much risk.

    Investing can be a lot of fun but can also be (and should be) a lot of work. At our firm, my team spends countless hours poring over balance sheets, charts and economic data to make sure our clients have the best investments for the appropriate amount of risk.

  • Stock Market Déjà Vu

    The market has had spring rallies every year for the past decade. More disturbingly, right now the markets seem to echo 2007, when the last bull market ended. Investors need to be on the lookout for history repeating itself.

    The similarities between 2012 and 2013 are impressive. The February 2012 jobs release – not the final, revised number, but the original release – was 227,000 jobs. The February 2013 release counted 236,000 new jobs. February 2013 and February 2012 both reported increases of 0.72% from January.

  • Investing vs. Planning

    Financial planning, investment advice and retirement planning are different services that financial advisors give. They overlap and reinforce one another, and they each are vital. But it pays to know what you get and what you need.

    When choosing an advisor, pay attention to the advisors’ pay structure and also whether they take control of your assets – to make sure that their work focuses more on planning for goals rather than just investing.  

  • Slow-Mo Economy and Bonds

    The U.S. economy is in slow motion and, sooner or later, interest rates will rise. How can a bond investor weather these problems? By diversifying into emerging markets.

    Rising interest rates hurt bond prices. But there’s breathing room. For the time being, don’t expect jarring near-term interest rate jumps, given the Federal Reserve Bank’s continued rate suppression and a slow motion economy.

  • Enough Health Insurance?

    Every day, thousands of Americans find themselves in a difficult financial situation after receiving a dire medical diagnosis. Even those with health insurance are at risk of disaster in the aftermath of a medical emergency. It is imperative that you proactively shield yourself from this risk.

  • A Waning Bull Market

    The markets are in an historic rally, despite this week’s Cyprus-related dip and the budget sequester, which many predicted could scale back economic growth. But before you pile into stocks, take note of technical indicators that portend an end to the bull market.

    Before the dreaded sequester spending cuts, President Barack Obama and others warned of economic problems. They predicted chaos at airports, improperly inspected meat served and teacher layoffs. The budget cut news was so bleak that they even canceled tours of the White House.


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