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  • Investors’ Stock Doubts – Still

    Investors still are dubious about stocks, even though the market has had a decent, if sometimes bumpy, ascent since March 2009. That’s troublesome, because stocks over the long haul are the best way to increase your portfolio and build a decent retirement.

  • How to Manage Your Cash

    Why do so many businesses fail? Bad cash flow management is a big reason. Sure, maybe your business plan is foolish or your financing is inadequate. But if your company is on solid ground, nothing can hurt you more than a slow hemorrhage of cash.

    Everyone hears about the boons that good cash management can bring. Remarkably, so many businesses fail to properly implement it. Ignore cash management, and you inadvertently sabotage your efforts to grow your company and build personal wealth.

  • Advisors Taking Own Advice?

    Choosing your right financial advisor comes down to your personal preferences. One great question: Does the advisors practice what they preach? If they don’t follow their own advice, why should you?

    Some financial advice, of course, applies to you and not to the advisor, such as words of wisdom on reducing debt if the advisor doesn’t owe any (and manages money well to avoid it).

  • What’s Eating Your Returns?

    You diversify your portfolio, passively or actively manage your holdings and wait for your returns to roll in. Depending on your holdings, a few factors chew your returns before you see them. Here’s what to look for.

  • Reducing High 401(k) Fees

    Remember when 401(k) sounded like something only a chemist knew about? Now we all receive 401(k) statements routinely – including information about fees. Here’s what to do if the fees rise.

    When 401(k) plans’ fees hit 2% annually, they introduce a tremendous drag on your investment returns over the long term.

  • Marital Money Disputes

    Sadly, many marriages today end in divorce, with tiffs over money most often to blame. But as you join your life to another, there are smart ways to make your financial lives run well and free of discord.

  • The Case for Dividend Stocks

    Dividends are an increasingly better bet for stock investors lately. Payouts are expanding and, if the market slides, dividend-paying stocks hold up better than others.

    Stock returns come from two sources: capital gains and dividends. A capital gain occurs when a stock you purchase appreciates in price. Dividends are payments made directly to shareholders and day-to-day changes of a stock's price do not affect them.

  • Fixing Your Business’ Woes

    Business owners often sink so much of themselves into the company that improving even simple problems seems overwhelming. Finding and conquering your company’s problems one by one builds value, and here’s how to start.

    Few businesses actually build value because this requires hard work. It also requires systematic, disciplined work – a quality many businesses lack.

  • Planning for Expecting Parents

    Starting a family brings joy, stress, excitement and discussions over where to put the bassinet in your house. It brings questions about getting your financial house in order, too. Here’s a financial to-do list before the little bundle arrives.

    As expecting parents you face a long list of stuff to buy. Along with the wipies and the pretty mobiles, remember to plan your spending, estate and insurance coverage for your new family.

  • When to Change an Asset Mix

    A lot of investors don’t realize that you cannot simply buy, hold and forget about it. Your investment mix should not be static. How much you have in stock, in bonds and in other instruments hinges on many factors. Like your age.

    The U.S. stock market high in mid-September prompted a discussion with my business partner, Anna Sergunina. “So what does that mean to us?“ I asked.

    “Nothing to me,” replied my younger partner. She was right: Anna has a lot longer to build wealth – and recover from market down drafts – than I do.


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