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  • Vacation Planning Tips (Pt. 1)

    School’s out and here comes your traditional summer family vacation. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily have to cost you big or paralyze you with stress. Here are some savvy secrets, including how to save on travel and ease packing.

    Airfare.  The best travel days for both domestic and international flying are Tuesday, Wednesday and some Saturdays. Business travel frequently begins on Monday and wraps up on Friday. Most people begin vacations on the weekends.

  • Vital Retirement Spending

    Want to increase your independence in retirement? Save money? Live safely in your own home? Then spend on goods and services that will enhance your comfort, safety and health. For instance, buy a new car.

    No, this isn't a scam or a seedy sales pitch. In certain cases, a new car can be a wise use of your retirement dollars.

  • Some Schools Not Worth Cost

    A typical college degree is worth a ton of money over a career. A typical degree – but not every college. Which campuses offer degrees worth less than those of other schools?

  • How to Invest in Bonds Now

    Bonds are a familiar asset to most investors. Maybe you’re one of the many who took advantage of the declining interest rates that fueled bond funds in the past few years. Rates always fluctuate, though, and our clients frequently ask, “What’s the best way to invest in bonds today?”

    First, you need to know how bonds work. Your investment essentially lends money to a government or corporate entity that agrees to pay the investment back to you after a set time (the bond’s “maturity”) plus interest.

  • 3 Insights on Digital Investing

    This year’s choppy stock market makes some investors leery. But a good rule of thumb is to invest in the industries of the future, namely in tech and tech-related companies. But which ones and which specific companies? And what should you avoid?

    1. Beware of over-valued tech initial public offerings. When new companies in the digital arena go public, their valuations are too often too high to sustain. That leads to price plunges later, burning early investors. The problem is chronic, and shows no signs of abating. Look at possible upcoming IPOs.

  • To the Graduates of 2014

    June is graduation month. Amid all the lofty rhetoric from ceremony speakers, graduates too seldom get the most practical advice they need to prosper and succeed in life. Here are my thoughts on that, a subject with a personal resonance for me.

    I remember when the boy was three years old, and his family had just moved in two houses over in our cul-de-sac. I was working outside and here comes this little boy pulling a small, wheeled suitcase. Surprisingly social at a young age, he introduced himself and asked, “Do you want to see my cars?”

  • 12 Estate Planning Must-Dos

    Many of you already have estate documents, probably executed many years ago. You need an estate attorney to look over your documents every 10 years or so. Here are a dozen points to review.

  • Recovery? Look at Income

    Hold off on the victory dance. The 2014 “Economic Report of the President” and many media reports indicate that the U.S. economy has finally recovered. But has it? Not if you look at one measure of economic health: household income.

  • How to Be a Tax-Savvy Investor

    A tax-savvy investor knows how to employ strategies to reduce taxes. Helpful methods are 1) asset location, 2) tax-managed mutual funds, 3) index exchange-traded funds and 4) tax loss harvesting.

  • What an Advisor Should Ask

    A common question that we get from people after telling them that we own our own financial planning firm is: What do you ask clients at the first meeting?


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