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  • Creating a Part-Time Job

    Do you work a full-time job and still can’t take care of all those bills every month? Maybe you manage to pay your bills but have nothing left over for savings and investments? Maybe you need a side hustle – the newer name for the good old odd job or part-time gig.

  • Ignoring the Global Market?

    Imagine you can only invest in stocks of American companies that are west of the Mississippi River. Expand this example globally and you appreciate the narrow vision that many investors happily accept. You need a good slug of overseas exposure. How much? About 30% of your stock holdings. Here’s the thinking behind that.

  • The Millionaire Mindset, Pt. 2

    Previously, we looked at the first three components of a millionaire mindset: how to spend like a millionaire by living frugally, budget like a millionaire by putting essentials and savings first, and work like a millionaire by loving what you do and investing in your career.

    All three of these are vital habits for anyone wanting to build financial independence and lead a satisfying life. But the millionaire mindset doesn’t stop there. Here are three more aspects of it.

  • Vacation Planning Tips (Pt. 2)

    Smart trip preparation entails wise security precautions with your personal information and budget, and leaving enough minutes on the actual day of your trip to kick your vacation off right.

    All too often, travellers overlook these necessities or think they can make arrangements at the last minute. In this second part of our vacation planning series, we offer some tips to make sure your time away is not an ordeal.

  • Handling Mutual Fund Bloat

    Asset bloat in a mutual fund is akin to how we all sometimes feel after a fantastic meal: We can’t stop eating even though we know we’ll feel lousy and bloated if we don’t stop. Asset bloat in a mutual fund can be a big problem for you the investor.

  • 5 Boomer Retirement Issues

    Baby boomers, one of the largest generations in U.S. history and some 76 million strong, remain demographically in charge. If you’re one of this generation, born from 1946 to 1964, you help influence just about every aspect of American life, enjoy more discretionary income than any other age group and control your share of some 70% of the total net worth of all American households.

  • Vacation Planning Tips (Pt. 1)

    School’s out and here comes your traditional summer family vacation. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily have to cost you big or paralyze you with stress. Here are some savvy secrets, including how to save on travel and ease packing.

    Airfare.  The best travel days for both domestic and international flying are Tuesday, Wednesday and some Saturdays. Business travel frequently begins on Monday and wraps up on Friday. Most people begin vacations on the weekends.

  • Vital Retirement Spending

    Want to increase your independence in retirement? Save money? Live safely in your own home? Then spend on goods and services that will enhance your comfort, safety and health. For instance, buy a new car.

    No, this isn't a scam or a seedy sales pitch. In certain cases, a new car can be a wise use of your retirement dollars.

  • Some Schools Not Worth Cost

    A typical college degree is worth a ton of money over a career. A typical degree – but not every college. Which campuses offer degrees worth less than those of other schools?

  • How to Invest in Bonds Now

    Bonds are a familiar asset to most investors. Maybe you’re one of the many who took advantage of the declining interest rates that fueled bond funds in the past few years. Rates always fluctuate, though, and our clients frequently ask, “What’s the best way to invest in bonds today?”

    First, you need to know how bonds work. Your investment essentially lends money to a government or corporate entity that agrees to pay the investment back to you after a set time (the bond’s “maturity”) plus interest.


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