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  • Retire Early? 14 Snags (Pt. 2)

    Retiring before age 65 remains the dream of many Americans. Our first article looked at your personal obstacles to early retirement, such as how you save. Here are more potential roadblocks to starting your golden years ahead of time.

  • 12 Ways to Thwart ID Theft

    More than 16.6 million people fell victim to identity theft in 2012 and lost a total of $24.7 billion, the Bureau of Justice Statistics says. If you don’t want to be one of them, prevention is simpler – and cheaper – than is a cure. Here are a dozen ways to help do that.

  • U.S. Housing Bulwark: Abroad

    Foreign buyers are increasing their purchases of U.S. real estate. That may cause some unease, but it's a good development. While our housing markets are improving, the boost from elsewhere is vital.

  • $ Tips for Your Grown Kids

    Early summer’s cap and gown now hang in the closet and you just hope your suddenly grown child is ready for real-world financial challenges, from debt to saving for a remote retirement. Now more than ever, you can teach your kid many key money lessons.

  • Why Retiring Is Tougher Now

    Today’s retirement may look nothing like your parents’ or grandparents’. People live longer, benefits grow thinner, and health-care costs rise. Review your financial situation and start planning early so that this new retirement doesn’t catch you unprepared.

  • Investors: 6 Nations Beat U.S.

    There are six countries that are better investments than the U.S., despite its strong stock market now. Why? We have too many regulations and taxes that limit America’s economic, hence stock market, growth.

  • Telling Kids ‘No’ About Money

    Your financial future starts at home, especially when you begin filling that home with children. Establishing limits is part of parenthood and your skill at teaching this lesson directly impacts your quality of life in retirement.

    I remember going to the grocery store when my children were little. I put them in the cart and hurried through the store to get all I needed as quickly as possible. If your store experience resembles mine, inevitably as you wait on the checkout line, the candy display comes into the focus of your chocolate-loving toddler.

  • Retire Early? 14 Snags (Pt. 1)

    Who doesn’t want to retire early? Unfortunately, if you’re like many people you won’t be able to. Here is the first of two articles looking at 14 reasons that early retirement might elude you.

    Some of the reasons involve how you handle money, but others focus on your mindset and expectations or on factors beyond your control.

  • Are Emerging Markets Over?

    Temporary growth slow-downs suggest that to some that emerging markets are on the wane for good. If you believe that often-heard shibboleth, you are robbing yourself of terrific investment gains ahead.

    We keep hearing that emerging economies – mainly, China and India– are so wobbly that the slightest unexpected revelation could irreparably cripple them. Such fears are groundless for these fast-growing nations.

  • Tackling Financial Transitions

    Everyone goes through transitions in life, ready or not. Moving, switching jobs, getting married, having children – each one creates additional financial challenges. Some of life’s changes are foreseeable, while others catch us unprepared. Taking the necessary precautions is key to ensuring your financial stability amid these shifts.


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