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  • Best Retiree Cities, Financially

    You’ve probably seen dozens of lists of places to retire in, but they seldom focus on financial factors, which are important when you live off your savings.

    Due to warm weather, beaches and the absence of a state income tax, locations in Florida are heavily over-represented on most such lists – I even included one here. But I took the liberty of assuming that not everyone wants to live out their golden years in the Sunshine State, and broadened the list to cover the country.

  • Riches: Knowing When to Stop

    My father often echoed the saying, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and I like rich better.” Sounds simple. But how do you get rich in the first place? What is rich?

    Believing my father, I thought I’d know rich when I got there. I don’t. The longer I help people with retirement, investments, future planning and the like, the more I realize “rich” has no easy definition.

  • Confidence Up Means P/Es Up

    Looking for a reason to be bullish? Consumer confidence is on the rise, and so are stock multiples, known as P/Es. There is a longstanding relationship between the two, as increased confidence translates into higher stock valuations.

  • Overpaying Income Tax?

    If you start a job in the middle of the year, chances are you will be over-taxed. You get a refund, but it’s not an inefficient use of your money. To prevent this problem altogether, use something called the part-year withholding method.

    When you get a job, you file the W-4 form, aka the employee’s withholding allowance certificate, with the new employer. This form instructs the employer how much tax to withhold for the Internal Revenue Service from each of your paychecks.

  • Your Mid-Year Money Check

    This year is more than half gone. Amid your summer vacation and plans for fun in the sun, find time now for your mid-year financial checkup.

    Like many, you probably picked a financial goal for this year, such as pay off debt or generally get your financial house in order. Now reevaluate your intentions and take a good look at where you stand. Start reviewing the following:

    Spending plan. Cash flow management is key to a successful financial future and knowing where your money goes a must in creating a plan.

  • More Wall Street Hoopla

    Rah-rah assessments are powerful forces in the world of stocks. You’re wise to disregard them and stick to your investing plan. But acting on them can be tempting. Let’s look at some notable over-optimism.

  • 7 Variable Annuity Questions

    Variable annuities are often touted as an ideal retirement investing vehicle, especially if you talk to financial advisors who sell them. Variable annuities can be a useful vehicle for retirement accumulation – but targets of the sales pitches (like you) often misunderstand annuities in general.

    Is a variable annuity right for you and your retirement income needs? Ask these seven questions before buying.

  • Asset Caregivers’ Guides (Pt.2)

    Our first article touched on two guides from the Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) for novice financial caregivers. Here we look at the second pair of guides in the series “Managing Someone Else’s Money” if a friend or family member asks you to help with major money matters.

  • Too Many Stocks: Bad Idea?

    Are you a retiree with most of your retirement investments in stocks? Good idea? No: Even as the markets near or notch records every day, stay conscious of risks of not diversifying between classes of assets.

    A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed how retirement savers are putting more money into stocks. Two excerpts:

  • How to Get Back Into Stocks

    Is it too late to get back into the booming stock market? You were better off riding out the downturn and enjoying the subsequent run-up. Still, if you are late to this party, there still are smart ways to re-enter.

    Many investors are returning at this late date. "Retirement Investors Flock Back to Stocks" was the front-page headline of The Wall Street Journal on May 2. I retweeted it to my Twitter feed, adding, "Just In Time To Ride Them To The Bottom Again."


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