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  • What’s Your Advisor’s Value?

    A recent article in Financial Planning magazine, “Calculating an Advisor’s Value,” details the components of planning decisions that help you pinpoint the value of your financial advisor.

  • Why Play Biz Whac-A-Mole

    Small-business problems pop up all the time – so often that owners often jump on the latest crisis and lose time to solve problems before they become big ones. Here’s one way to think about anticipating and stomping out problems early.

  • Uncertainty’s Baleful Result

    The uncertainty that Washington policy makers foment is a big culprit in our economic stasis. What will happen next with the Federal Reserve’s stimulus program, the trouble-ridden Obamacare rollout and the chronic debt ceiling threat?

    When uncertainty exists, businesses take no action. They sit on trillions in cash, as they don’t know whether to hire or fire, expand or contract. Investors, likewise, get stuck with more money in cash than they like, as the direction of the stock and bond markets is murky.

  • An Open Enrollment How-To

    Open enrollment for employee benefits kicks off this month. While you plan your Thanksgiving menu, review your benefit choices.

    Benefits change this year like few years before. Even if little changed in your life in 2013, maximize what your employer offers.

    Here are some pointers.

  • Financial Emergency Prep

    An emergency fund acts as a safety net, protecting you and your family from unforeseen circumstances where you need cash immediately. But you must be smart when you set it up, and know how to use it and for what purposes.

    Emergencies are things we don’t want to even think about. But guess what? They do happen. Life can be full of unexpected obstacles. Having cash at hand will help you by providing you with more options and preventing you from taking on debt at the worst time possible. 

  • Barriers to Retirement Savings

    Saving for retirement, an admirable aim, has lots of obstacles. The overall economy is to blame for some, government rules for others and employer tightfistedness for still others. Retiring at 65, which is the traditional goal, is for many a pipedream.

    Today, people are living longer in part because of less physically demanding work than in the past and better health care throughout life. Many people are choosing to work longer, many because they have to, not because they want to.

  • How to Do a Backdoor Roth

    Many high earners find the front door locked when trying to directly fund a Roth individual retirement account. When the front door’s locked, try the back. Here’s how.

  • Tell an Advisor by the Letters

    The capital letters after your advisor’s name denote more than alphabet soup. Here’s a breakdown of what the letters mean and how your advisor can – and cannot – help you.

    As you seek advice regarding savings and investments, you come across professionals with capitalized designations after their names. Sometimes two letters, sometimes three, sometimes a string linked by commas and trademark symbols like railcars hooked together on a train.

  • Ignore Market Headwinds

    Equities’ strong run in 2013 is remarkable, given the considerable headwinds it has bucked. While no one claims that this bull market will last forever, stocks’ current resilience shows how vital they are for your portfolio in the long run.

  • Farming Out Your Money?

    Some folks, lacking the time or expertise, want an advisor to manage their money. But what if your advisor parcels out your wealth to different managers?

    Among advisors, an ongoing debate rages between so-called asset gatherers and asset managers. The gatherers outsource money management to others. The managers keep it in-house.


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