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  • The New Military Benefits

    If you are military, either part time or fulltime, a grateful nation has set up tax, pension and other benefits to help you. You should know about changes and improvements that occurred in some of them.

  • Europe: Misplaced Optimism

    Is Europe finally looking up? Not much. While the continent has posted improvements, they are weak. Stock market rallies in Europe are based on little other than excessive hope, and lately fizzled. The MSCI stock index of nations in Europe’s monetary union is up 0.2% this year, a full percentage point less than in the U.S.

  • How to Spot Investing Fraud

    You can get ripped off by many scam artists besides infamous luminaries like Bernie Madoff. Here’s what to watch for.

    Amid continuing headlines that financial advisors commit fraud and scams that cost investors like you a lot of money, you probably wonder whom to trust with personal investments.

  • Bettering Kids’ Lives (Pt. 2)

    Our society increasingly divides rich kids with a good educational and health foundation and poor kids with a disadvantaged upbringing likely to hinder their futures. Our first article looked at how we can lay firm financial foundations for our kids. Here's how we can still try to ease the way financially for our own children and grandchildren.

  • 3 Worrisome Global Problems

    The U.S. economy has plenty of weaknesses. But compared to elsewhere, we are doing pretty well. The downside is that, in a global economy where everyone is connected, trouble in one spot can spread rapidly over borders. That’s why weaknesses in China, Japan and Europe are worrisome.

  • Timing: Retirement Myth

    When you retire influences your income in the golden years. Or does it? Here’s an example.

    The retirement 4% rule – which says that, if you withdraw roughly 4% of your savings annually for 30 years’ retirement, you stand a good chance of not outliving your money – sometimes works well and sometimes doesn’t, depending on how you time your retirement.

  • What’s the Point of myRAs?

    President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address included announcement of the new, supposedly easier retirement savings plans, or “my Retirement Accounts” (myRAs). Do we need them? No.

  • Boomer Retirement Crisis

    Many baby boomers haven’t saved enough for retirement, and it is too late to catch up. What should they do? Keep working.

    “The world braces for retirement crisis.” This headline caught my attention because of its tone of near panic. It implied that the pending retirement crisis was like a hurricane or other natural disaster, striking with little warning and beyond our control. Not so. Financial columnists like me have warned for the past two decades that baby boomers are woefully unprepared for retirement.

  • Money Lessons for Your 20s

    Your third decade brings accepting yourself and learning how to stand up for yourself – and more pragmatic, financial lessons. Here are a few.

    Getting a grip on your money comes hard when you start out. The sooner you start figuring out your finances, the better. Here are 10 money Lessons I learned in my 20s.

  • Talk Money With Your Honey

    The role of money and the ritual of talking about money rank high in relationships. Here’s how partners can chat about their cash.


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