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  • How to Fund College Savings

    When it comes to 529 college savings plans, the best strategy is to start early and start big. Don’t wait to set up an account until your teenager is starting to wonder which schools might offer skateboarding scholarships.

    These accounts are excellent vehicles to save for college, in large part because of the tax-free growth they offer. Here are some suggestions for getting the most benefit from a 529 plan.

  • Rising Stocks = Trouble? Nope

    Times are good in the stock market. Maybe too good. So expect trouble. That’s the bears’ argument. Don’t buy it.

    Indeed, a 10% correction could come at any time, as we haven't seen one for almost three years. A 10% correction, or perhaps more, takes place during a healthy bull market about once every 15 months.

    Recently, the bears have even talked about a 20% downturn, which would qualify as a true bear market. Some are even suggesting that a 50% downturn is possible. While almost anything is possible, the question is what is the probability?

  • Listening to Gurus (Pt. 1)

    The airwaves hum with brash celebrity advisors dispensing financial wisdom in blanketing sound bites. Should you listen to them? Up to a point, but only up to a point.

  • Review Money in Early Fall

    After summer’s fun and before the frenzy of end-of-year holidays marks the perfect time to review your finances.

    First off, this point almost any year sees asset classes that outperformed or underperformed to expectations. So far in 2014:

  • How Alibaba Can Help Yahoo

    The pending stock sale of Alibaba is good news for long-suffering Web portal Yahoo, which owns about a quarter of the Chinese e-commerce giant. But this could trigger a huge tax bill for Yahoo. How can it offset that? By using a tax maneuver involving floating new debt, John Malone-style.

  • Your Car Crash’s Costs (Pt.1)

    You tool down the road in your much-loved, well-used car that you just know will last many, many more years. You smile in your rearview mirror at how your car only got better with age, your good buddy through many adventures and your faithful companion through tens of thousands of miles when – wham.

    Some idiot staring at a mobile phone while driving too fast T-bones you and in one unforgettable crash renders your dear friend unfit to drive. What now?

  • Social Security: When to Start

    Your Social Security can be worth more in golden years’ income than your 401(k) or individual retirement account. The trick: Know at what age to best file for benefits.

  • A Simple Way to Shrink Taxes

    After tax season, when they realize exactly how much tax they paid at home, a number of my friends, colleagues and clients asked me what they should do to reduce their taxes next year. While I’m not a tax professional, I certainly pay attention to tax rules and rates regarding investing.

    My short answer to their question was – create a portfolio of low-fee, thoughtfully constructed stock index mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. Yet not all of them do the job for you. Here’s how to find the right one.

  • Don’t Understand an Advisor?

    What if you don’t understand what your financial advisor tells you? When the advisor uses abstruse (to you) financial or legal terms, you’re left in the dark. That is obviously not good for you in planning your finances. Here’s how to get clarity on the advice you hear, and pay for.

    One of my staff members several years ago drove the communications problem home to me with this useful bit of advice: “Rick, your clients don’t understand half as much about investing as you think they do.”

  • How to Be Independent

    The major objective in comprehensive wealth planning is financial independence. But true independence in life means not only good finances, but health and relationships.


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