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  • Biz Owners’ Retirement Plans

    Being your own boss means providing for your own retirement. It means that there isn’t an employer looking over your shoulder who will sign you up for a plan. You have to be more proactive in setting the money aside. But how?

    Having a variable income, which is often the case for people who own their own businesses, may make it harder to budget. When it comes to saving for your future self, where do you start and which is the best option? Read on for an overview of three retirement accounts that are great options for entrepreneurs.

  • S&P 500: Bad Benchmark

    The standard that the investment world most typically uses for the performance of mutual funds and other assets is the Standard & Poor’s 500 index. That usually is a bad idea because the S&P, which contains the largest valued stocks in the U.S., seldom reflects the investments you own.

  • The College Debt Bane

    Here is a vital college education tip: Don’t take on too much student debt. Otherwise, you risk ruining your future.

    As you finish up your secondary education, thinking about the harsh reality of college debt is difficult to do. High school graduation is a time of optimism and possibilities. Commencement speakers all over the country urge graduates to follow their dreams and reach for the stars.

    But when it comes to funding the education you need to fulfill those dreams, you might be better off with a dose of negativity and pessimism.

  • Managing Your Passwords

    We maintain online accounts for essentially everything – banking, investments, shopping, email and the list goes on. As much of this information is private and sensitive, you must take online security and password protection seriously.

  • The Market’s Parallel Universes

    Why is the stock market rising when economic growth is so tepid? Because there are two parallel realities currently affecting stock market valuations. One is based on standard financial measures, but the one that primarily propels the market stems from financial engineering.

  • Enough Money to Retire?

    You don’t want to run out of money before you run out of life.  How much money do you need?

    Great question. Here are others you want to answer along the way to saving for retirement:

    How long will I live? Probably the hardest question in all of life – you have to think about your mortality and foresee advances in medical science. A life insurance company might tell you that at 65 you can expect to live about 20 more years. If you’re in good health that number is higher.

  • New Life Expectancy Estimates

    Life expectancy has consistently increased through the years. Most of today’s retirees will live longer than their parents did. Understanding the length of retirement that you are likely to face will better prepare you to make investment choices.

    The Society of Actuaries, an organization that tracks how long people live to assist companies understand the risk of their pensions, recently updated its mortality tables for the first time since 2000.

  • The Aborted Recovery

    The recovery that wasn’t a recovery may have come to an end, as the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that gross domestic product fell by 1% during the first quarter of 2014.

  • 10 Tax Tips for Farmers

    There ain’t much an old country boy or girl like you can’t hack – except for a hefty tax bill. Crop problems, hired hands, pregnant livestock and busted tractors all complicate your return. Fortunately, the Internal Revenue Service offers numerous benefits if you own a plantation, ranch, range or orchard to raise livestock, poultry or fish or grow fruits or vegetables.

    Here are 10 tips for farmers’ tax returns:

  • Creating a Part-Time Job

    Do you work a full-time job and still can’t take care of all those bills every month? Maybe you manage to pay your bills but have nothing left over for savings and investments? Maybe you need a side hustle – the newer name for the good old odd job or part-time gig.


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