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  • Ignore the Nasdaq Glitch

    Yesterday, stocks enjoyed their second-best day in August. Good news, if not for the Nasdaq market going dark for nearly three hours. But financial advisors say that long-term investors should shrug off this latest snafu.

  • Recipe for Diversification

    Investors hear their fill about the wisdom of diversification and managing risk by spreading money across many different performers in the stock market. Advisors and investors, however, frequently fall short of thorough, profitable diversification, so both welcome a clear text on this subject. 

  • Overeating and Overspending

    Over the years, I’ve noticed a common trait among people with money problems: Many of those people are also overweight. Is there a relationship between overspending and overeating?

  • Detroit, and Pensions’ Futures

    On July 18, Detroit – once the nation’s fourth-most populated city – became the largest American city to ever file for a chapter 9 bankruptcy. Now this latest development in the city’s multi-decade decline puts a question in the minds of more than 20,000 retired public employees: What happens to my pension?

  • Four Simple Steps in Investing

    As a female financial advisor, I commonly hear that investing feels overwhelming. While no one can ever guarantee investment success, these basic guidelines can help you make wise financial choices to support a life you love.

    My personal finance mantra is, “Simply your finances, simplify your life.” These four simple steps can help you create an investment plan for your unique circumstances.

  • Taxes and Selling a Business

    People hire financial advisors for their wide breadth of knowledge. Very often, advisors can find obscure provisions that could be perfect for you. The collective expertise on my team, for example, helped save a business owner $400,000 in taxes and still guarantee a lifetime income.

    I recently met with a prospective client who wanted to sell her truck tire distribution business. Her three main concerns were avoiding tax on the sale, preserving a lifetime stream of income and making sure her employees retain their jobs going forward. 

  • Why Gold Prices May Soar

    The soar has soured, the Midas touch faded: Gold prices no longer set records. That could change, however. The questions for investors are: Why and when?

  • Teach Adult Kids About Money

    Teaching children about money doesn’t stop when they grow up. This second of two articles looks at parents sharing their financial wisdom – sometimes hard-won – with recent graduates entering the work-force.

  • Take Care of Retirement First

    Many nearing the end of their working life stare a choice in the face: Save for your own golden years or save for your children’s future. Many make what appears to be the obvious – yet also the near-sighted – decision: They focus finances on the kids’ education.

    Among the almost 60 million Americans age 50 to 64 are parents challenged to save for both retirement and their children’s college education. Some can put aside enough for both; others save what they can.

  • An Ode to Passive Investing

    Do you think you can beat the market? Well, you probably can’t. That’s why, over time, I came to realize that my best answer when allocating assets is to be a passive investor and opt for index-tracking vehicles.

    “Buy low and sell high.” That was my simple approach when I was a smart, young investment advisor. I poured over a company’s balance sheet, earnings statements and forecasted returns. Then I bought those companies that were bargains and waited for my gains to roll in. More times than not, they did – eventually.


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