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  • Young Couples’ Estate Plans

    Even if you’re young, newly married or just had your first child, you need basic estate planning. Here’s how to start.

    A comprehensive estate plan offers benefits to almost everyone: control over distribution of your property after your death, including trusts for your spouse or children; naming of guardians for minor children; designation of a personal representative to administer your estate; appointment of agents to make financial and health-care decisions for you when needed; and reduction or elimination of estate taxes at death.

  • Homeowning for the Young

    Your time has come to grow beyond renting a home. What now?

    Gen Y, those born in the 1980s and early 1990s, look today to build equity and save on rent by researching the benefits of owning versus renting. Whether married or single, when it comes to renting and owning, you must consider these questions:

  • Why Things Are Looking Up

    Since the 2008 financial crisis, a whole array of problems has buffeted the world. But now there are ample reasons to be optimistic, from flagging concerns about Europe to better U.S. economic numbers.

    That was the upshot of last month’s gathering of elite thinkers and leaders at the Swiss alpine resort of Davos. This year at the World Economic Forum, once a glum conclave, attendees found themselves looking up at both the towering Alps and global prospects. Of course, big shots’ opinions are hardly infallible. But their sanguine reasoning rests on a pretty firm foundation.

  • Tracking Your Credit Report

    February is for romance, roses and chocolate. Let February also be when you review your free annual credit reports. Here’s how.

    First, reviewing your credit reports helps nip identity theft in the bud. The recent large-scale theft of credit card information at retail giant Target reminds us of the pervasive problem of identity theft.

  • Advisors’ Unsung Backstops

    They are the little-known backstops of the brokerage industry: clearinghouses that hold your portfolio, take your investment money, send out statements and do all the other administrative tasks you need – and they do them independent of your broker. In the wake of the Bernie Madoff scandal, it’s good to know that they are around.

  • CVS’s Ban? Big Tobacco Shrugs

    The CVS drugstore chain’s plan to stop selling cigarettes by October has large symbolic value. But the decision’s impact on its own business and that of the tobacco industry likely is negligible.

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending How-To

    Peer-to-peer lending (P2P), an online exchange where you lend money to others, can snag you a healthy return as an investor. The attraction if you are a borrower is that P2P can also help you escape high-interest debt.

  • A Simple Way to Set Goals

    Setting goals for a new year can feel overwhelming.  We all know that resolutions don’t last, but we also feel the energy that comes with a new year of possibilities.  Here’s a clearer path for setting and reaching your goals.

    I love complex processes. Intricacies of a large spreadsheet really get my brain going and I can spend lots of time deeply analyzing financial questions.

  • Milking the 1% Won’t Work

    Once more, we hear calls to soak the rich, a.k.a. the wealthiest 1% of the population. Unfortunately, doing that won’t solve the nation’s economic problems. Most likely, the government will end up slamming a lot of taxpayers whose incomes are far from high-end.

  • Multiple Advisors: The Pros and Cons

    Last month, we advised asking prospective advisors what they don’t do, and how to fill in the gaps by hiring folks with the right expertise. Often, your needs intersect, so you require two specialists. But the risk is that your financial situation ends up disjointed, since the advisors often don’t pool their conclusions.


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