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  • Stocks Up: Sell and Buy a Car?

    Put the brakes on contributing to your retirement accounts right now, since stocks seem parked at record high prices, and instead save for a car or other big purchase? Lets’s look at whether that’s a good idea or not.

    I frequently receive this question when investors think the market trembles on a big dump and they want to dodge it. Let’s look at where the market is, how it runs and where it might run to.

  • Insurance With No Exam?

    Most people think of buying life insurance as a long process of paperwork, medical exams, even more paperwork then paying big. Here’s how to avoid the expense.

  • Profit Margins at the Limit?

    Corporate profit margins may be reaching their upper limit, which is not good news for the stock market. But it’s possible that technology will save the day and allow margins to keep rising.

  • Passive Investing, Actively, Pt. 2

    While passive investing – meaning, using index funds – is the smartest course, you have to actively oversee your holdings. Circumstances change and not every index fund is a keeper.

    Continued from our initial article on this recently, here are the remaining keys to help fine-tune your core passive investment strategy for optimum success.

  • Why a Second Opinion Is Vital

    Getting a second opinion is easy, but many fail to seek one, to their detriment. This is true for medical patients, as well as financial advisors’s clients.

  • Taperphobia

    A taperphobia epidemic has Wall Street in a panic yet again. Taperphobia – the unease over the Federal Reserve’s possibly ending its bond-buying campaign – is an irrational fear of common sense. 

    Symptoms include a falling stock market (when we first heard about the taper), soaring bond yields and ongoing anxiety attacks. There is a cure, although it’s expensive. It costs at least $85 billion, the central bank’s outlay each month, yet that’s enough to cure all of Wall Street and send the stock market soaring.

  • Know Retirement Plan Limits

    Before you feed your retirement accounts next year, here’s a look at contribution-limit changes big and small.

    The IRS recently published contribution limits for various retirement plans for 2014. Indexed to inflation, these new limits sometimes do not increase much year over year and sometimes not at all.

    This year saw virtually no increases for most contribution amounts. As usual, income limits did increase for most types of accounts.

  • Buying Life Policies: Complex

    When I got into financial services, I worked for a well-respected life insurance company. I believed people saw the need for and details of life insurance clearly, and that it sells easily. Wrong, and here’s why it’s hard for you to decide on this insurance.

    Life insurance is complicated. Most people misunderstand life policies. They don’t understand how it works or why some types are darned expensive and others look cheap.

  • Is Wealthy U.S. Exceptional?

    The U.S. stock market hit a record high, real estate values are recovering and the world’s largest economy is expanding, albeit slowly. Nearing year-end is a good time to ask: Does all this wealth make America exceptional?

  • Your Age and Stock Leeriness

    The ancients spoke of three ages of man. In modern times, we call them demographic cohorts. For financial advisors, they require different kinds of advice, but they lately share a common – and self-defeating – aversion to risk.

    They don’t have enough in stock, which is the key to growth. We see this in the constant exodus of all age groups from equity mutual funds.


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