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  • Fed Stimulus to Stick Around

    Don’t expect the Fed to really back off its plan to taper down its stimulus efforts. Too many people still are out of work, and improvement is glacial, at best.

  • Millennials’ Credit Scores

    Your credit score ranks as one of the most important numbers in your young adult life. Here’s what to know as you build one.

    This three-digit number acts as your financial report card, representing your creditworthiness and an indication to potential lenders of the likelihood that you pay debts on time. If you’re a millennial, born in the 1980s and early 1990s, you must start building this indispensable tool of financial adulthood.

  • Cheap and Easy Travel via RV

    When I ask people what do they plan to do when retired, the answer often is: “See new places.” A good and affordable way to do that is becoming a part-time or full-time RVer.

    In my experience, the No. 1 activity most people look forward to when they retire from earning an income is travel. Seeing the world has never been easier. True, air travel is rarely easy or pleasurable, and it can be expensive. With a little planning and work, though, travel can fit easily into many retirees’ budgets.

  • Too-Rosy Hedge Fund Returns

    Hedge funds are supposed to give you superior returns. Many advertise their performance as the result of low price volatility, avoidance of frightening risk-taking and not hewing closely to the overall market. But a close look reveals that in the aggregate these claims are questionable.

    Hedge fund index returns show the problem stems from stale data that mask their true underpinnings.

  • IRS Payment Fees Rise

    Costs of doing business with the Internal Revenue Service recently rose for those needing special arrangements to pay taxes. Here’s what to know.

    If you can’t pay your federal individual income taxes by the deadline of Tuesday, April 15, you may be able to set up special payment plans with the IRS. Some fees rose significantly.

  • Taking Out Retirement Money

    Staying the course in a rollercoaster stock market challenges both you and your financial advisor – a challenge made even tougher when you take your retirement distributions. Here’s how a withdrawal policy statement (WPS) helps avoid panicked investing moves.

  • Dunning the Middle Class

    The middle class has two problems: It is shrinking, and it’s on the hook to pay for our nation’s enormous liabilities.

    With all of the talk in Washington about equality, you have to wonder how the gap between rich and poor widened to the point where many question the future survival of the middle class.

    Some have, indeed, made the transition from middle class to upper class, and are enjoying a more comfortable lifestyle. They may not be part of the 1%, but they’ve broken away from the middle.

  • Keeping Staff: Real Biz Value

    Your business’s biggest asset: its staffers, especially the senior ones. Here’s why and how to keep them with rewards, particularly stock in the enterprise.

    Three things can happen in your business to inspire you to make sure your key personnel stick around:

    • You become disabled.
    • You die.
    • You sell your business.

    All three require your management team to stay with your company if you want any hope of holding the firm’s value and getting the best sales price.

  • The New Military Benefits

    If you are military, either part time or fulltime, a grateful nation has set up tax, pension and other benefits to help you. You should know about changes and improvements that occurred in some of them.

  • Europe: Misplaced Optimism

    Is Europe finally looking up? Not much. While the continent has posted improvements, they are weak. Stock market rallies in Europe are based on little other than excessive hope, and lately fizzled. The MSCI stock index of nations in Europe’s monetary union is up 0.2% this year, a full percentage point less than in the U.S.


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