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  • 4 Harmful Market Myths

    Market myths keep proliferating, and they are dangerous to your portfolio. Among the worst are: IPOs are the road to riches, ditto biotech, Apple is over and moribund stocks will stay that way.

  • How to Read Your Tax Form

    Tax time is here, with the deadline for filing on Tuesday. Very few people do their own taxes, and many do not understand what the Internal Revenue Service form 1040, the central document of your return, says.

    The components combine to tell the IRS your story. Following are some ideas for helping you understand your return.

  • Investing for Tax Benefits

    The most wonderful time of the year this isn’t. With taxes and your returns due April 15 and changes in tax laws, a big surprise might loom for some of us. Smart investors re-tool portfolios now to save on tax days now and to come.

    New for 2013 taxpayers: a 3.8% surcharge on investment income. To avoid this, you may look for investments that pay little or no income, ones relying on growth in value rather than dividend or interest payments.

  • The Debt Burden Worsens

    Enormous debt, which plunged us into the Great Recession, is still a problem. After some efforts to whittle it down, the nation’s debt load is swelling again – on the federal, state and local government, household and corporate levels. No one seems willing to fix the problem.

  • Reasons Not to Marry

    “Two can live as cheaply as one.” This old saying is mostly true. However, when it comes to death, divorce, and taxes, two are probably better off financially if they don’t marry. Intentionally or not, many federal and state laws reward couples that choose to live together without marriage.

  • Changes for Inherited IRAs?

    Relationships and finances confuse you enough already. Then your spouse dies. During a hurricane of emotions you must make tough decisions about such money matters as individual retirement accounts – amid ever-changing rules about money available to you from a spouse’s IRA. By this summer, the rules might change completely.

  • Good Stocks Get Bad News

    Investors often overreact to bad news. When that happens, good companies hit by bad news become that most exquisite thing: a value play. Rule of thumb: When a solid business runs into a temporary mess, it’s likely a buy signal.

  • Cash Balance Plan at Your Biz?

    If you own a business and want larger tax deductions and increased retirement contributions for yourself and your employees, think about a cash balance pension plan.

  • Newlywed Protection

    The ceremony is over. Mom and dad paid the tab for the wedding, you are back from the honeymoon, you wrote your thank you notes. You are settling into a married routine midst the glow of newness. Time to think about financial planning? You bet.

  • Reasons for a Spring Rally

    Despite this year’s anemic start, there’s a decent chance of a spring rally. Don’t expect that to continue for the rest of the year, as it did in 2013.


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