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  • Goals Trump Beating Market

    When you want to evaluate your investment returns, what do you compare them with? Those of friends and neighbors? The latest market trend? To fairly assess how your investments perform, you look at your goals.

    Now that summer is well along, stocks have pushed well beyond a five-year bull market run. You hear people talk at company picnics, club get-togethers or family events about how well their stocks do. The more successful the stories you hear, the more you feel like you’re falling behind even given occasional down days on Wall Street.

  • Need More Home Coverage?

    Whether you rent or own your home, you need insurance to help rebuild if fire, tornado, hurricane or other disasters hit you. But what happens to replace your stamp collection after a flood or your Hummel figurines if your house blows away?

  • How to Hedge for Inflation

    No investment can perfectly hedge inflation, but placing some protection against inflation in your portfolio is still possible. Your best bets are short-term Treasury Inflation Protected Securities and commodities.

    When evaluating whether an asset class effectively protects against inflation, we examine the correlation between the returns and inflation. The stronger the correlation is, the better inflation protection the asset provides.

  • What to Do With an Old 401(k)

    It’s a question my clients ask me all the time: “What should I do with my old 401(k)?” When you change jobs, you can keep your 401(k) where it is, or roll it to other accounts.

    Let’s examine your choices:

    Roll your 401(k) to an individual retirement account is usually the default option I recommend to clients. Flexibility is the primary reason.

  • Credible Customer Service

    If earning your customers’ trust is not your top concern, your business can’t thrive. How your employees behave, how much they identify with customers and how they rectify problems are the keys.

    I’ve complained for a long time about the lack of good customer service. Too often, I do business with a company, only to be sorely disappointed. If your customers do not believe you will satisfy their needs, how can you expect repeat buyers?

  • Prozac Nation, Street Version

    It’s all stress-free bliss these days, at least for anyone who’s not paying attention. Downdrafts, like the one in early July, are brief. Wall Street sees nothing really bad on the horizon. It should, like when today’s low interest rates rise, for instance.

  • Estate Planning: Start Young

    As graduation season fades and high summer begins, many parents and recent graduates think about finances and the future. Too many forget about estate planning for young adults, a key tool to prepare for medical and financial emergencies.

    Let’s answer some common questions on this vital subject:

  • Readying a College Freshman

    Got a freshman in your home this fall? Besides packing linens and pillows, don’t forget to prepare for your kid’s financial needs.

    The time has come for my daughter, Elizabeth, to go to college. Planning is key to ensure a smooth transition. It is both exciting and overwhelming, as much for her as for me. Making sure that she has everything she needs helps me in the transition (I know – I’m a bit of a control freak).

  • How the Past Hurts Returns

    We all tend to use experience to predict the future. The technical term for this is recency bias and it’s one reason many investors fall short of potential success. How do you purge your own bias and improve your portfolio’s returns over time?

  • How to Stop Workplace Theft

    Companies lose around 5% of revenues each year to employee theft, according to an annual report of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Small businesses are especially vulnerable because they lack of proper controls. As a business owner, however much you trust your employees, you need basic strategies to reduce your risk of becoming a victim.


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