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Gen Y Insurance

Submitted by Sophia Bera on Tuesday, December 1, 2015 - 9:00am

Millennials, also known as Gen-Yers, born between the early 1980s and early in this century, often fail to see insurance as part of their young-adult financial picture. Wrong: Despite saving fledgling paychecks, rookie investing and whittling student debt, insurance must figure highly in their financial planning. Here’s why.

Every person’s situation differs, so work with a financial planner to make sure you carry appropriate coverage. Many young adults unready to invest in a planner still benefit from learning basic insurance guidelines on where to start.

Significant 401k Questions

Submitted by Mark Fried on Monday, November 30, 2015 - 12:00pm

Your nest egg is fragile and a bad decision could cost you up to 30%. The two most-asked questions about retirement accounts are: 1) After I leave my employer, should I stay in the 401(k) or roll it over into an individual retirement account, and 2) how much should I save in my 401(k)?
The key is how much you pay in fees. Your money in both 401(k)s and IRAs is tax-deferred, meaning you pay no tax on it until you start withdrawing your money – and as a retiree, may be in lower tax bracket. Trouble is, although you save in taxes, fees can nibble away at your gains.

How to Build Good Credit

Submitted by Thuong Thien on Friday, November 20, 2015 - 12:00pm

You likely know the pivotal role good credit plays when you try to buy a house or a car. It’s likely too that you don’t buy houses and cars every day, so maintaining a credit rating seems like a back-burner need. Not so, and here’s how to keep your rating up.

Talking About Death

Submitted by Rick Kahler on Friday, November 20, 2015 - 9:00am

One of the challenges in financial planning is the strong taboo in our society against talking about money. Another powerful taboo is talking about death when someone has a serious illness.

Buy Commercial Real Estate?

Submitted by Rick Kahler on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 12:00pm

Want a good way to build wealth? Own commercial real estate. But only if you are willing to undertake due diligence that may not be readily available online, make a big hands-on commitment to mind the investment and exercise enormous patience.

Best Life Insurance to Buy

Submitted by Sterling Raskie on Wednesday, November 18, 2015 - 9:00am

You face myriad choices and terminology when you shop for life insurance: term, whole life, universal life and variable universal life, among others. Here are a few explanations and recommendations.